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Anupama Bindal

Anupama Bindal is a registered dietician and nutritionist in Delhi. She is passionate about health, nutrition and diet, helping people to control or lose weight through proper diets and food habits. She is a professional diet and weight loss expert where she uses her knowledge and experience to improve people’s nutrition through proper counselling and advice.

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Nutritionist Anupama Bindal

Proven track record

She has a proven track of success stories with an all India gold medalist in nutrition research, which speaks of her expertise and excellence in this domain. She is a celebrated nutritionist in India with more than 20 years of experience of transforming lives; she has counselled some famous celebrities also. Her clients are from different age-groups and professions like busy mothers, young obese teenagers, mid-age software professionals, working women and many more. Life of people in metros has become so busy that they do not get time for any sort of physical exercise and they follow unhealthy food habits. This is where the role of a nutritionist fits, where she can turn things around by educating people about – what, when and how much to eat.

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Some of the most common type of problems she treats are: weight imbalance, diabetes, high cholesterol, pregnancy nutrition and obesity. She understands nutrition dynamics well and thus she manages almost all types of problems through diet and food habits only. She has treated many people who were almost about to go for weight loss surgery and now they are fit without undergoing any sort of surgery. She says that – “Your determination and diet can do all the magic which no doctor or surgery can actually do. So believe in yourself and be motivated, you can achieve your goals.”

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what clients say about anupama

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Thank you so much Anupama for everything you have done for me. I have suffered from Fibromyalgia for the past 7 years. It's been a very testing time for me. The doctors had given up on me and having tried alternative methods of treatment to no avail I felt very helpless. I met Anupama 9 months ago and she has given me a new lease of life by changes in my diet and lifestyle. Her constant encouragement is helping me get better with every passing day. I can count on her whenever I need a boost of energy to get up and continue my fight against fibromyalgia. Thanks a ton for giving me hope. Regards
Its not about losing or gaining weight. Any Individual requires the right counselling to meeting these goals. Overall holistic approach is required to achieve to raise the Basic Body Mass Index. After approaching numerous nutrition consultants, I finally visited Ms Anupama Bindal in 2013. She convinced me about healthy food intake, a diet which comprises of natural foods full of necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants. She actually works hard in understanding the body type requirements and then devising tailor made diets which are easy to follow. Since then I have been consulting her off and on and found that I have been able to cope up with my minor health challenges efficiently. Cheers! To her efforts. All the best!
Priya Malhotra
I am an Osho Zen follower living my life with love and laughter, however I was having pain in left side of chest twice a week. Before visiting a Cardiologist I decided to see a nutritionist and seek help. I remember my first question asked by ANUPAMA- "Urvashi How can I help you? I answered I would like to know what to eat, when to eat and how to eat rightly ! She planned my meals for a week. I was apprehensive when she told me to eat more vegetables and fruits. Now I am so glad she did that because just after two weeks I could feel the difference in my body and felt lighter. In the next session she explained to me the importance of eating proper meals and in right proportions. Apart from losing weighting I started feeling more energetic and to my surprise the pain in the chest was gone. I was amazed to see the overall results in just a month feeling no need of visiting a cardiologist.I am so grateful to her. My love and best wishes!
Urvashi Bindra
For years I have been trying to get pregnant, but nothing was working out whenever i used to go to some gynecologist they used to tell me its impossible. It used to dishearten me a lot. Then my husband found out about ANUPAMA BINDAL and when I met her it was sure her magic will work and i will soon be a mother. She made me strong by saying positive things and asked me to follow a nutritious diet plan. She told me to focus on eating healthy food in appropriate quantity and portions and a bit of exercise. I could see the magic of her diet in two months and one day the doctor told me that I was pregnant. I had no words to express my happiness all thanks to Anupama Bindal. She gave me a beautiful gift which I can never forget in my life. Even during pregnancy I followed her diet to have a healthy and beautiful baby. Her diet plan helped me to conceive a healthy child and an eternal gift of being a mother. Thank you for being there for me Anupama.

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