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Anupama Bindal provides customized nutrition programs for people with different needs.

4 Weeks Transformation program

This diet-program is designed for those who are suffering from extra fat / body weight and willing to get their body in shape. This diet regime helps you to transform your personality from going fat to fit.

Hypertension Diet

Hypertension is one of the deadly diseases prevalent in metropolitan cities these days, caused by poor lifestyle and food habits. This diet program will help you to manage your hypertension conditions, along with the changes in lifestyle as prescribed.

Cholesterol Management

High Blood Cholesterol is very hazardous for health and is a major cause of Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD). Maintaining optimum cholesterol levels takes a very long time after following proper diet suggested by a dietician. Anupama’s Diet Plan helps to achieve the results faster and maintain a good health.

Immuno-booster Diet

Immune System of the body helps us to fight with diseases and leads us to a healthy living. To boost your immune system, you should follow a proper diet program. Immuno-booster Diet Plan by Anupama Bindal is a well charted out nutritional program to boost your immune system.

Quick Inch Loss

There are cases when you need to lose your weight quickly for some reasons - be it your marriage, any shooting assignment or any such occasion where you need to look fit and handsome. If you are looking for a quick inch loss then Anupama is the right person who can help you with a perfect diet plan to achieve your goal.

Anemia Nutrition

Anemia is a very silent but fatal disease, which leads to a lethargic life due to lower level of oxygen in the blood. Following a proper diet program can help you overcome this situation where body gets enough nutrition required by the body to keep you fit and fine.

Diet during Pregnancy

Dietary needs of pregnant woman increase immensely and it is very important to take care of proper diet to ensure proper health of both - the mother and the child. Anupama has counselled and helped many mothers with her diet plans to have a healthy baby while retaining proper health of the mother. Contact her to get help for diet planning while pregnancy.

Diet for Morbid Obesity

Morbid obesity is a body disorder, which demands a lot of attention and care. Proper nutrition plan is very essential to fight with a case of morbid obesity. Anupama guides people with her expertise to have a perfectly balanced diet regime. Contact her if you are suffering from obesity.

Adolescent Nutrition

Age of adolescence is very crucial and often, adolescent kids are noticed losing their health. In this situation, they need proper care, counselling and a healthy diet plan for their optimal growth and development. Anupama has much experience in counselling and helping kids, guiding parents about the required nutritional plans.

Fibromyalgia Diet

Fibromyalgia is considered to be caused by stress and poor physical conditioning which leads to an ongoing cycle of pain and fatigue. This diet program supplements the body’s nutrition and thus helps to overcome the disorder easily.

Diet for Diabetes

Skipping meals in diabetes can be more dangerous than eating more than required. Maintaining optimum level of blood sugar is very important for those who are suffering from diabetes. Anupama’s diet plans for diabetic people are excellent to manage the required sugar levels and remain healthy.

Cancer Protective Diet

There are certain food items, which fight with cancerous cells in our body and thus help to keep cancer at bay. There are certain diet plans, which help you to cope up with complex chemotherapy and make it easier for you to undergo this therapy. Anupama’s Anti-Cancer Diet Plan will help you to have a successful treatment where proper nutrition is very vital. It not only helps you to go through the therapy with ease but also prevents the recurrence.

Anti Ageing Nutrition

Ageing is a natural phenomenon in human body, which cannot be stopped; however, by following a proper diet plan, which is rich in anti-oxidants and other required essential nutrients - this process can be delayed. Anupama has an expertise in anti-ageing diet regime, which helps people to look young and energetic for long.

Muscle Gain

Muscle Gain is a passion for all those fitness freaks and gym goers who are looking for a perfectly chiselled physique. However, building such a physique is not at all possible without following a proper diet regime. Anupama’s Muscle Gain Diet Plan is the perfect solution to your needs where you can gain muscles without gaining fat.

Pain Management Diet

Pain of any type is very annoying for us; use of excessive painkillers to beat the pain can be hazardous to our body. You might not be aware of the fact that a particular diet plan can also help you to manage the pain arising in your body due to different reasons. If you are suffering from any chronic pain, Anupama can provide you a diet plan, which can help you get rid of painkillers and can manage your pain also.

Diet for Constipation

Constipation is a situation where the digestive system of our body does not function properly and upsets the whole body. The major cause of constipation is improper digestion, which can be treated by changes in your diet. Anupama has helped many people suffering from constipation to overcome it and lead a very healthy life. If you are also the one facing such a problem, contact her right now.

Infertility Nutrition

Infertility is a situation, which can be emotionally wrecking, and people are prone to undergo depression. In this case, a person needs proper care and diet, which helps to keep the person healthy. Anupama has developed such nutritional diet regimes, which naturally helps to promote fertility and keep your body and mind healthy.

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Case Analysis

Case Analysis

Everycase is carefully analysed and studied to understand the root cause of the problem before preparing a diet plan.

Customised programs

Customised programs

After diagnosing the problem a customized diet program is created which focuses directly on the root cause of the problem.

Follow ups

Follow ups

After creating a comprehensive diet plan, special attention is given on follow ups on progress made every week.

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