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Most of the coronary attacks are unexpected. Treatment immediately after the attack might prevent death but the damage done on the tissues of the heart cannot be undone.

To prevent coronary heart problems, the best way is to avoid or correct risk factors such as increased amount of cholesterol in the blood, uncontrolled high blood pressure, excess smoking, lack of exercise, emotional stress, low metabolism of the body and obesity.

It is a combination of diet and exercise which helps to keep coronary heart disease at bay. One should be aware of the kind of fat in the diet. Everyone should be aware of the way animals are reared today and should be educated about the effects produced on the body by eating such flesh. It is the saturated oil that has to be avoided. Saturated fats are mostly derived from animal sources. Among others, saturated oil like coconut and palm oil are to be avoided completely.

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1.) To strengthen the heart adequate potassium is needed to keep the balance between the tissues and blood. It is found in grapes, bananas and cider.

1.) To strengthen the heart adequate potassium is needed to keep the balance between the tissues and blood. It is found in grapes, bananas, cider vinegar and tomatoes.

2.) Foods rich in manganese help to keep excessive vitamin B1 from reacting in the body tissues. Garlic has traces of manganese and it helps to reduce cholesterol and fibrinogen, a clotting factor.

3.) Moong beans, banana and celery help to soften the blood vessels.

4.) Blood purifiers are red or black grapes and neem.

5.) Diuretics like dandelion root are to be added in the daily diet if there is water retention.

6.) In order to avoid tension, we must add foods that calm the mind like lemon balm.

7.) Foods rich in Vitamin B complex like fish oil, honey, olive oil, papaya, safflower oil and brewers yeast, Vitamin A and Vitamin C are essential.

8.) Soybeans contain lecithin, an unsaturated fatty acid which helps to dissolve cholesterol and soothes the liver and gall bladder. It prevents blood clotting in the arteries. Lecithin from soybeans is available in the form of capsules, syrups and as a powder.

9.) Other foods that help in general include cooked vegetables like asparagus, beetroot, bitter gourd, eggplant, green pepper, lettuce, mustard, onion, red bell peppers, spinach, uncooked carrot, cucumber, fruits like watermelon, seeds and cereals like pumpkin seeds, wheat, oat bran, small red beans and herbs like saffron, cinnamon and cardamom.

10.) To prevent heart problem avoid taking more than 3 grams of salt per day because it absorbs water and causes edema. Avoid caffeine as it causes heart fluttering. Avoid sugar especially refined sugar as it increases the blood fat called as triglycerides and builds up excessive fat.

Reduce the intake of Animal Fat to control the blood fats. Dangerously high levels of dietary cholesterol are found only in animal products. In addition, stop smoking and reduce the weight if obese.

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