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Variety of 10 different edible oils

Since time immemorial we have been plagued by this controversial question as to which oil is the best for cooking. Let us first try and understand why is it important to use the right oil. Not everyone is aware of the fact that oils behave differently when subjected to high temperatures. Excessive heating of oils leads to a breakdown of fats producing a pungent compound called acrolein which irritates the gastrointestinal mucosa. Also, oxidation of oils results in changes in odour and flavour commonly called as rancidity which predisposes us to heart disease and cancer.It is a challenge to choose that oil for cooking which is stable and does not oxidise or become rancid easily.


Let’s try and make a wise choice for ourselves and our loved ones. Olive oil is a good choice but the market is flooded with a huge variety of olive oil and to be able to select the right one we must know about the quality of olive oil:

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil- it is produced by first pressing of whole olives. It is the top range olive oil and is the healthiest. It is rich in monounsaturated fats. The Oleic acid MUFA present in it reduces inflammation and is a healthy choice for use in uncooked foods like salads. It is rich in Vitamins E and K and antioxidants which prevent oxidation of cholesterol in our blood.Studies have proved that people who consume extra virgin olive oil have a much lower risk of having strokes. Extra virgin olive oil protects high-density cholesterol HDL and BP.

2. Virgin olive oil- this olive oil has not undergone any refinement but has a higher acidity content than extra virgin olive oil. It is less expensive than extra virgin olive oil, is resistant to high heat making it a good option for use in cooking.

3. Pure olive oil- this is obtained by the second pressing of olives and is lower in quality compared to both extra virgin and virgin olive oils. It is suitable for cooking but ranks lower and should be bought only if on a restricted budget.

4. Pomace oil- this is the worst quality of cheap olive oil variety available in the market. It is solvent extracted olive oil and is of very low-grade quality. It should be used only for cleaning products. Abstain from using it for cooking and consumption. Well to sum it, for a heart healthy diet reserve the extra virgin olive oil for drizzling on cooked food, salads and low-temperature pan cooking. Virgin oil can be used for stir-fry cooking.

Rice Bran oil is another favourite and a great healthy option. This oil is devoid of trans fats and very low in saturated fats. Rice bran oil is rich in compounds called oryzanol and tocotrienols. Oryzanol acts like a cholesterol lowering margarine blocking the absorption of cholesterol. Tocotrienols are fat soluble compounds which are converted into vitamin E, an excellent antioxidant for the heart.

Rice bran oil is extremely stable and is an excellent oil for pan frying.
In my opinion, rice bran oil is a good option for stir frying and sauteing at high temperature. Extra Virgin olive oil should be reserved for low-temperature cooking and drizzling over cooked vegetables, salads and dressings.
As a thumb rule, we should avoid fried foods as they are dripping in trans fats and ridicule our health and wellbeing. Any food that has been fried is usually denatured off its nutrients and I am sure that our bodies are temples which we would like to cherish, nourish and take good care of instead of pumping it with carcinogenic, rancid and toxic foods.

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