Don’t compromise on the taste while fasting in navratras

POSTED BY Anupama Bindal | Oct, 04, 2016 |
Navratra Foods

The holy Navratra fasting is the time to invoke Goddess Durga to bestow upon us abundant health, prosperity and happiness. The diet during these days if consumed rightly can go a long way in detoxifying our body and cleansing our entire system. Firstly drinking plenty of fluids like juice of watermelon, sweet lime, cucumber, cranberry,pomegranate; fresh lime, green tea, fruit smoothies made with yogurt and fruits like kiwi, chikoo, apple, banana, papaya, mango; fruity milkshakes to which nuts have been added, fig milkshake and most importantly water serve the dual purpose of keeping our body well hydrated besides giving us energy. To sweeten our drinks we can use stevia in place of sugar.

If one has a sweet tooth feel free to prepare kheer using milk and dates or samak rice or makhanas, mango rabri, apple rabri, singhara halwa, coconut jaggery ladoo. Season these desserts with cardamom to aid in digestion, saffron to enhance memory and sesame seeds to add calcium.

Boiled, baked and roasted foods are better than fried foods so instead of puris we should eat singhara and kuttu atta chillas or rotis or dosas which can easily be prepared on a non stick using olive oil .

To keep ourselves cool lauki ghia raita and coriander mint raitas are good options. Vegetables like pumpkin, ghia, arbi , raw banana and potatoes can be prepared without using turmeric. Sweetpotato chaat, fruit chaat, sago khichri, samak pulao with curd can be prepared. Rock salt is the best salt to use during fasting because it keeps our blood pressure in check and helps in absorbing minerals better than common salt.

Instead of munching on namkeens manufactured in the market , we should munch on home roasted makhanas, banana chips made in the airfryer, nuts and fruits. Dinner should be light. A cup of chamomile tea works wonders before sleeping as it is soothing and has a calming effect on our body. HAPPY FASTING


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