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POSTED BY Anupama Bindal | Dec, 04, 2016 |
Anupama Bindal- Happy Foods

Serotonin is the Happy Hormone which controls our moods, emotions and sleep. Lets have a look at some foods which help the serotonin levels soar in the brain. Serotonin can affect mood and social behaviors, appetite, digestion, sleep, memory  and sexual desire and function. When Serotonin levels are normal one feels happier, more calm, more focused, less anxious and  emotionally stable.


EGGS- All happy hormones are made of protein and eggs have a net protein utilisation of 100%. One egg a day will elevate your serotonin levels and keep you away from feeling blue.


AVOCADOS- Are packed with the magical Vitamin B3 which helps to maintain brain health and regulate your moods. An avocado a day keeps bad moods at bay. 


ASPARAGUS- This lovely bundle of joy is rich in Vitamin K and C which helps to boost happy hormone in the brain. A few stems of asparagus a day are an instant pick me up. 


SPINACH- This emerald coloured jewel full of Magnesium speeds up biochemical reactions in the brain. An instant mood lifter in a limited budget. 


FLAX SEEDS- This Omega 3 Fatty Acid rich wonder food does wonders to the mood. An instant mood uplifter, best had ground and sprinkled on salads, curd and fruits.

healthy-carb-dietGOOD CARBS- Brown rice, porridge, whole wheat pasta, multigrain bread help to stimulate serotonin thereby promoting feeling of calmness and happiness.

download-2YOGURT- has beneficial bacteria which helps to keep depression at bay. It affects the bacteria in the gut which has a robust effect on brain chemistry and behavior. 

download-3BANANA- an excellent source of tryptophan and potassium. When one is depressed the potassium levels dip. Eating a banana helps to stabilise the mood and wards off depression. 

honey-625_625x421_41461133357HONEY- it is the liquid gold which is packed with quercetin which is good for the brain and fights depression. Honey also boosts memory. 

beetroot_pic300BEETROOT- contains betaine which supports serotonin production in the brain. It also has folic acid which stabilises emotional health.

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