Headache And Simple Home Remedies To Fix It

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Troubled by headaches?? Consuming innumerable cups of tea, coffee to ward off headache? Tried all possible painkillers but of no avail? Well this one is for you… A headache is a common symptom associated with many problems of the body.

The primary cause of the headache is prolonged bad postural position, mental tension and worry and general stiffness. Other causes may be constipation, sinusitis, menstrual irregularity, blood pressure, stress, hormonal change, food chemicals and pollution of course. Headache due to tension, eyestrain and sinus are dull and feel like a tight band on the forehead.


High blood pressure gives a throbbing type of headache. If the primary cause of the headache is prolonged due to postural position, mental tension and worry and general stiffness of the body , then yoga helps. Do not confuse Headache with Migraine. A migraine is a specific type of headache which is recurrent and severe. It is a phenomenon of sudden constriction and subsequent relaxation of the blood vessels of the brain resulting in a disorderly supply of blood and oxygen to the brain. It afflicts one side of the head and throbbing or piercing pain is experienced.


1.) To prevent the headache use naturally grown tomatoes, cabbage, cucumber, guava and radish in salad every day.

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2.) Drink a teaspoon of cider vinegar in water every day.

3.) Sip a tablespoon of honey slowly once the symptoms of headache appear.

4.) Use basil leaves as seasoning or sniff the dried powdered leaves to relieve the headache due to common cold.

5.) Eat cooked celery with vinegar to get relief from headache and hypertension.

6.) Mix 1 part of ginger powder, 1 part of ghee and 5 parts of jaggery and take a teaspoon of this mixture in the morning for headache associated with cold and cough.

7.)A gentle application of lavender, peppermint or thyme oil on the forehead and the temple in a circular motion brings relief.

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1.) Drink a glass of infusion of peppermint leaves or spinach twice a day for a week.

2.) Make an infusion of rose petals and drink it fresh once a day.

3.) Drink a glass of infusion of aniseed after meals if the migraine is associated with nausea.

4.) Add basil, cabbage, chamomile flowers, cucumber, cumin, fennel, honey, tomatoes to your diet.

5.) A cold compress on the forehead and on the nape alternatively helps to relieve migraine.

6.) Apply a thin layer of the paste of mustard seeds on the abdomen or use it in the foot bath. At an early stage of migraine, this gives relief by drawing the blood away from the head.

7.) Make a paste of a mixture of camphor, powdered cardamom and cinnamon in sesame oil and apply over the temple.

LIFESTYLE GUIDANCE: Obtain fresh air during the day and while sleeping at night. A slight current of fresh air should pass through your sleeping room at night. Do not do heavy reading or studying just before bedtime or your brain will be congested and it will be harder to go to sleep which in turn will precipitate a headache. So its time to bid farewell to those nagging headaches and lead a happy light headed life. Bingo!!

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