How to Maintain your Weight this Festive Season

POSTED BY Anupama Bindal | Oct, 02, 2016 |
Overweight woman eating fast food.

Festivals and the holidays are the time when we spend our quality time with family and friends. Full day chatting, laughing, dancing and eating are the major activities that we do during festive seasons. We give our best, avoid high-calorie foods, control our cravings way before occasions so that we can look our best and fit into that beautiful new dress, but as the day arrives what do we do? Completely different lifestyle, junk foods, sweets, high-calorie foods etc are the common changes that happen and that is normal we can’t avoid it.

But to stay fit and maintain our weight in this festive season we strictly need to follow few important regimes to avoid adverse effect in the near future. The steps are simple and easy just read on: –

  • Workout: – Just take some time in the morning like about 40 minutes to 1 hour on daily basis and invest them in some exercising activities in the morning. You bet the results will be outstanding. Studies have shown that a woman who does exercise in the morning feels less craving for tempting food than others.

  • Improve your willpower: – Learn the art of saying no. It will be a great help. If you can say no to the most exquisite chocolates and ice creams then half of your job is done.

  • Focus on the side: – Avoid consuming high-calorie diet; instead, focus on the side items avoiding the main one. Try green salads, soups, and fish, a bit of every other thing but in a small quantity. It will let you taste the items and avoid overeating also. Avoid items like rice, sugar, bread etc.

  • Go the fruity diet: – Don’t try to skip any part of a meal in the day, instead eat less in increased counts. Choose fruits over snacks and other sweet items. Juices are also a good choice.

I know it is very difficult to control the temptation of the different succulent dishes during the festive season, but following the above will help you to regret less after the fun days are over.

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