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How about going vegan this New Year?

Before we make a New Year resolution to become vegan, let’s understand the term Vegan- A Vegan diet is a diet comprising of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, whole grains, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils and soy products. The benefits of a Vegan diet are-

Vegan foods promote longevity. Vegans usually live healthier and longer lives. 0. Vegans are slimmer with lighter bodies and are more energetic.

Vegans have a healthier skin because of the Vitamin A and E present in them. Also, Vitamin E is good for the heart, eyes, brain and also prevents Alzheimer’s disease.


Vegans are less at risk for heart disease because vegan food is devoid of saturated fats and cholesterol.

Vegan food is rich in fibre so vegans have a healthy bowel movement which reduces the risk of constipation and colon cancer.

Vegan food is high in magnesium which facilitates calcium absorption.

Vegan foods are rich in potassium which helps to balance water and acidity helping the kidneys to eliminate toxins.

Vegan foods have folate which plays an important role in blood formation.

Vegan foods are powerhouses of Antioxidants which boost our immunity and protect us against cell damage.

Vegan foods are high in Vitamin C which is found only in fresh foods and plays an important role in the healing of wounds and aids in the absorption of iron. Let us now look at the ill effects of consuming non-vegetarian diet:

Let us now look at the ill effects of consuming non-vegetarian diet:


Animal meat is low in carbohydrates. We get energy from carbs. When carbs are not sufficient in the diet, the body will burn muscle tissue.

Animals are given hormones to speed up their growth. These hormones enter our body when we consume meats of these animals disturbing the natural hormone balance in our body. Some of these hormones are known to precipitate tumour growth in humans.

  1. Animals are injected with antibiotics and when the meat of this animals is consumed it leads to bacterial resistance in our bodies.
  2. Salmonella food poisoning is commonly caused by contact with raw eggs and raw chicken. Contact with these increases the risk of contracting Salmonella food poisoning.
  3. E Coli enters our body on eating contaminated meat leading to blood filled diarrhea.
  4. Red Meat especially is high in saturated fats making you more prone to cardiovascular diseases.
  5. Non-vegetarian food leads to weight gain and obesity which itself is a precursor to numerous health problems.
  6. Consumption of red meat and processed meats increases our risk of Type 2 Diabetes which itself jeopardises our body’s normal functioning.
  7. Meats, chicken, beef and other non-vegetarian foods slow down the blood flow to organs causing erectile dysfunction in men.
  8. Hardening of blood vessels is usually caused by consuming too much of non-vegetarian food leading to atherosclerosis adversely affecting our blood pressure and causing irreversible damage to our heart.

Having understood the benefits of going Vegan, do you think it’s really worth it to turn your stomach into a graveyard??


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