Weight Loss vs. Fat loss

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Weight Loss vs. Fat loss

Weight loss is the most common topic of discussion among people, but you will be amazed to find the actual difference between weight loss and fat loss and then you will never want or use the term weight loss.

What is weight loss?

In this the overall weight of the body including muscles, bones, body organs, body fat etc is reduced. This procedure is commonly used by sportsperson and mistakenly done by common men and women.

What is a fat loss?

The healthy count of fat in man is 10 % and woman is 15 % and in the weight loss procedures, you will be only losing your weight instead of complete body weight. This is what professional dieticians and doctors prescribe to most of the patients and less known by the common people.

Which one is a better option?

Weight loss can cause critical health related issues if not done under the supervision of professionals. In the case of fat loss process, only the unnecessary fats are reduced or replaced with growing muscles, so the chance of effect on individual health is least. Fat loss can make you feel better from inside and healthier from outside.

Duration of results

Fat loss procedure takes a bit longer time to show result but it will be consistent if maintained whereas, you can achieve weight loss in very little time and also lose the same very quickly.

You will be surprised to know that after fat loss, you may weigh the same as earlier, but the difference is that in fat loss, healthy muscles are grown after shedding the fat. So after immense hard work, if you don’t find a big drop in your weight, don’t get depressed. Find out how healthy you are and check you have become slimmer and toned or not. Stop checking your weight on regular basis instead use the fat clipper to check whether your body fat is reducing or not.

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