What is Anaemia and how to defend yourself from it? 

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Anaemia is a nutrition-related disorder which has been on the rise of late in both women and men. Anaemia is a condition where haemoglobin levels in blood fall below the normal levels. Haemoglobin is the pigment present in the blood which gives a red colour to the blood and is important for carrying oxygen to the various body tissues. So in anaemia blood cannot carry as much oxygen as it should due to reduced number of red blood cells.So there is oxygen and iron starvation.
Symptoms of anaemia are fatigue, giddiness, breathlessness on exertion, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, paleness of the tongue, conjunctiva of the eye and nailbeds, pins and needle sensation on the fingers and toes to name a few. Severe anaemia can even lead to death.
The most rational method of preventing anaemia is to ensure consumption of diets adequate in iron. Green leafy vegetables like spinach, amaranthus, mustard, fenugreek, other vegetables like a lotus stem, rice flakes and groundnuts are good sources.
IMPORTANT- along with iron rich foods we must have plenty of Vitamin C rich foods and Protein rich foods as they ENHANCE the Absorption of iron. Tea and coffee INHIBIT the absorption of iron and so should not be had along with a meal. These beverages are best had 40 minutes before or after meals so that they do not inhibit iron absorption.
Some important foods that prevent anaemia-
1. Garlic is a rich source of minerals and vitamins needed to prevent anaemia.
2. Black currants are rich in copper, manganese and iron and are good in treating anaemia.
3. Cherries are rich in iron and help in blood building.
4. Alfa alfa, apricots, avocados, beetroot, carrots, dark grapes, dates, fenugreek and raspberry help in the production of red blood cells.Iron-rich-foods

5. Almonds, cucumber, garlic, honey, leeks, molasses, milk, oranges, parsley, prunes, raisins, saffron, wheat germ, brewers yeast and yogurt help in rebuilding blood.
6. Although leafy vegetables like spinach are rich in iron, the iron present in them cannot be absorbed by the body because of the presence of oxalic acid in them. But a Part of the iron can be absorbed if cooked in Tamarind water. Alternatively, these leaves can be cooked with egg.
7. Mix equal quantities of fresh grape juice and orange juice and drink 2 times a day to recover from anaemia.
8. Soybean has good amounts of iron. Add soybean to your food.
9. Jaggery also has a fair amount of iron. In winters the famous sesame chiki and peanut chiki are good sources of iron.
10. Adding 2 filaments of saffron to boiled fresh milk and drinking this once a day is beneficial.

So go on all you lovely people, combine foods rightly and flaunt bright cheery eyes, glazed skin, rose pink lips and nails, radiant skin, fresh crisp look and an infectious chirpy energy with all the tips, iron rich foods and the vitamin c and protein rich foods that go a long way in facilitating iron absorption.

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